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The 1 Thing Most Resumes Are Missing

The number 1 thing that most resumes don’t include, and should, is accomplishments. Most resumes list duties & responsibilities copied directly from a job posting and pasted onto their resume. Well, Control+C and Control+V are NOT a path to success! If you’ve accomplished nothing, then resorting to simply listing what you should have accomplished (duties &

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Discussing Your Failures in an Interview

What was your biggest failure in your current/last job? What was your most recent failure at work? Tell me about a time when you made a major mistake at work and how that turned out for you? Regardless of how the interviewer asks, this question is all too often completely mishandled. Most candidates believe

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Time To Join a New Team?

In 1898 Norman Triplett wrote the first study in the field of Social Facilitation. His study was focused on his observations of cyclists whose performance was improved significantly by simply adding other cyclists. In later experiments he discovered the “Co-Action Effect,” a phenomenon whereby increased task performance comes about by the mere presence of

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How to Measure & Document Achievements at Work

Our drive to advance professionally is the primary reason for documenting work accomplishments. Securing a promotion and raise, or gaining approval for a new project doesn’t happen by accident. Documenting your achievements, and quantifying them, gives your accomplishments the credibility to get the validation and advancement your career goals require. Documenting your achievements will

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