Time To Join a New Team?


In 1898 Norman Triplett wrote the first study in the field of Social Facilitation. His study was focused on his observations of cyclists whose performance was improved significantly by simply adding other cyclists. In later experiments he discovered the “Co-Action Effect,” a phenomenon whereby increased task performance comes about by the mere presence of others doing the same task. This research created an entire field of study proving time and again that one will perform at a higher level when he/she becomes part of a team of individuals working toward similar goals.

“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

The right teams will lift your performance and send you on to higher levels of achievements and greater career success. Because you only get one career the time you spend in each step of your career ladder should be helping you grow into bigger and better opportunities in your professional future. Unfortunately, some choose the path of professional stagnation, opting for contentment and ease over the increased levels of stress and discomfort that come with new tasks, accountabilities and responsibilities which lead to career advancement.

As the months and years tick by many fail to realize that time is a precious commodity. Time is the one resource we cannot manufacture, recapture, save or, in spite of what some would have you believe, manage. So the question I have for you is this… Are you where your career needs you to be today? Admittedly, this is a devil’s advocate type of question, but one that bears asking. All too often people become complacent in their careers and simply ignore the needs of their careers preferring to keep the “OK for today job.” Don’t wait for the right time, ask yourself now if your current employment situation is meeting the needs of your career goals?

If the answer is no, prepare yourself to have an honest conversation about what you must do today in the job you’re in now to get yourself back onto the path to your career aspirations or be prepared to start exploring other avenues to success. The team you are a part of will inevitably lift you to greater levels of performance or perpetuate your career stagnation.

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